Τρίτη 26 Αυγούστου 2014

genital grinder # 2 'graves are opened' december 1990

in between gg1, genital necrosis & gg3 this little baby was out. a time balancing between the death / grind scene of that time and the experimental musics world i was entering. just a few words on hands to, brighter death now, the greek death / grind zine lobotomy, news, reviews. on scribd.... genital grinder # 2

Τετάρτη 19 Ιουνίου 2013

tasos stamou 'maria - nefeli' (unpublished 10")

here's one of my favest recordings of the greek scene of the 00's. sadly didn't make it to vinyl due to a small technical problem and was postponed and remained shelved. what we have here? recordings of maria-nefeli's birthday party at her home in nea triglia, halkidiki. faithful to our 'tradition' of children's parties where we invite friends to come and perform and mix their sounds with the sounds produced by the kids either as field recordings or kids playing with instruments this kind of children workshop turned out to a gorgeous 'free folk' (or call it whatever)obscure soundscape. hope you share the enthusiasm! maria-nefeli (you can check more works of tasos or his excellent work with his kukuruku recordings here)

Σάββατο 23 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

alan bishop

afroditi psarra & al margolis / if,bwana

Πέμπτη 28/02, 21.30 Afroditi Psarra Al Margolis/ if,bwana @ Frown Tails, Athens Η Afroditi Psarra είναι εικαστικός και ασχολείται με την τέχνη των Νέων Μέσων μέσα από τεχνικές hacking και tinkering. Έχει παρουσιάσει τη δουλειά της σε πολυάριθμες εκθέσεις σε Ελλάδα και εξωτερικό, όπως το Piksel Festival στη Νορβηγία και το CTM στο Βερολίνο, μεταξύ άλλων. Το ηχητικό της έργο Lilytronica, μέσα από τον αυτοσχεδιασμό με τρία κεντητά synthesizers, εξερευνά τη χρήση των ηλεκτρονικών υφάσματων και των ψηφιακά ηλεκτρονικών σαν μέσο για να δημιουργήσει μια δυνατή ηχητική εμπειρία με drone και noise διάθεση και μια ρετροφουτουριστική αισθητική προσέγγιση. afroditipsarra.com O Al Margolis/ If,Bwana δραστήριος απο τις αρχές των 80ς είτε ως παραγωγός κυκλοφοριών μέσω της κασσετοεταιρείας του sound of pig music (δραστηριότητα για την οποία συχνά αναφέρεται και ως ‘νονός του κασσετοκυκλώματος’) ή ως μουσικός μέσω του προσωπικού ηχητικού του οχήματος if,bwana που απο το 1984 εώς σήμερα μας έχει χαρίσει πληθώρα ηχογραφήσεων και κυκλοφοριών που φλερτάρουν με το ευρύτατο φάσμα της λεγόμενης ηλεκτροακουστικής μουσικής. Ήχοι δημιουργημένοι στο προσωπικό του στούντιο ή ζωντανά, σόλο ή σε συνεργασία με διάφορους άλλους ηχητικούς συνοδοιπόρους όπως οι pauline oliveros, adam bohman, fred lonberg-holm, κ.α. Παράλληλα απο τα τέλη των 80ς εώς σήμερα διαχειρίζεται την εταιρεία pogus εκδίδοντας κυκλοφορίες που στρέφονται περισσότερο γύρω απο τον κόσμο της ηλεκτρονικής / ηλεκτροακουστικής και σύγχρονης μουσικής. www.pogus.com ifbwana.com - Frown Tails Αγ. Ελεούσης 14 & Πρωτογένους Μοναστηράκι , Αθήνα http://www.frowntails.com/

Κυριακή 10 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

the trilogy

extremely long since any update.... guess the vast majority is uploaded though still lots to upload i guess. below lie 3 posts of 3 vital for absurd's history releases. the michael prime / max eastley, if,bwana and the werner durand. each one specifically meaning something to me. the first (no matter issued later than gruntle) dropped as an idea during the time of absurd's mark ii, a difficult (still lovely time to be honest) period. took sometime for the master to be ready and longer to see daylight. gruntle somehow was issued 'faster' than the other 2. and finally 'remnants from paradise' discussed during an intense trip in 2006 took almost 2 years to materialize as lots of things were happening. dropped exactly during absurd's mark iii heyday or the ultimate freak out time as said, issued by the time the dream was over. couldn't describe that almost 5 year period that starts when mprime asked me for the hydrophony cd and ends with werner's cd better than those releases sounds. part all three of the research center for the definition of happiness series, whose design was handled by maya lavda (as almost the greatest part of absurd releases). enjoy nicolas

max eastley & michael prime 'hydrophony for dagon' (absurd #58 - 2006)

the release that marks the outbreak of absurd's mark iii. it was 2003 or was it early 2004 that did michael asked me whether i was interested this recording with max eastley. well upon hearing the name max eastley got shocked. must admit that. for long being one of my heroes together with luminaries like hugh davies, voicecrack to name but only a few... for me was sounding like a follow up to the negative entropy cd i had issued earlier but also included this time were hydrophonies, a genre i was interested for looong ever since i chanced upon asmus tietchens's seuchengebiete 2 cd on musica maxima magnetica's syrenia sublabel. won't beat more around the bush still a beloved recording bringing in mind lovely memories each time i listen to it... oups artwork taken from a book of max eastley's father, photos and designs of which max really admired... hydrophony for dagon

if,bwana 'gruntle' (absurd #48 - 2005)

i was always fond / fan of al margolis / if,bwana work. guess cuz his work was one of the first 'experimental' sounds i got acquaint with back in early 90s thanks to the rhythm and passion compilation tape of the greek, neo rok zine. won't mumble more about the 'cassette network godfather'. wanted for long to do an if,bwana release so it was sometime in 2004 if i am not mistaken that asked al whether interested or not in it. proposed a couple of releases, we changed our minds in between and finally ended on 'gruntle' issued in 2005 or fall 2005 if i recall well now with the artwork of socrates martinis aka nixilx.nijilx or a host of other nicknames. sounds that can describe the moods and insanity of absurd's mark iii.... gruntle al margolis / if,bwana pogus productions