Σάββατο, 28 Μαρτίου 2009

xenis emputae travelling band / ashtray navigations cdr (absurd # sad anorak)

on many occasions (birthday parties, birthdays,etc) releases have been issued. they are a never ending part of the ongoing audio diary therefore are a vital part of absurd's cosmology.

this very special one for the 28th march of 2007 is another lovely oddball.

a kind of split cdr (actually if i had money i would have made it as split lathe cut LP)

on a verbatim vinylreplica cdr with 2 different inner sleeves.

you can get full photos of the whole thing here

and here's the oddball!


tomas korber/erikm/dieb 13 - condenser (absurd #53 maxi cdr)

another fine one. thanks to korber who suggested with another recording (which hopefully will be out as a cdr later this year on 'a question of re_entry). clockin' almost 18 minutes is a stellar set! play it loud!

cover idea came accidentally and materialized thanks to the help of panos of (former) 'solwnos & massalias' (now 'ypogeio' @ kaplanwn 11 st, athens) record store who sold some 100-150 7" at a ridiculous price. and was a great chance to play with one of absurd's greatest obssessions 'robots'!

here's the info too

dieb13: turntables
tomas korber: guitar, electronics
erikm: 3K-padƒsystem

live recording by dieb13 at moods, april 13, 2004
mixed, edited and mastered by tomas korber @ messfehler

cover photo shot @ ‘soda’, budapest 10/04

limited edition of 99 copies. each disc comes attached to a vinyl 7" of unknown content.


Δευτέρα, 23 Μαρτίου 2009

giuseppe ielasi 'live @ vinyl microstore 02/03/2001

the fist live set, absurd ever organized. actually was a set that took place on the 3rd of march 2001 at small music theatre. but as nektarios of vinyl microstore is always open for events in the record store (check out his annual yuria fest and many other activities) he was kind enough to allow and set up a memorable solo set a day earlier on friday the 2nd.

still love it! though was never issued (an idea was once for a 1sided but never occured) i used to go through it from time to time. i was nuts with giuseppe's works back then, solo, collaborative, fringes releases, oreledigneur (their debut LP is one of my all time faves, etc). though his musics are exploring new grounds nowadays looking back to older ones like this one you get the feeling that things are still fresh and vital as they were back then the day performed.

for giuseppe's current activities check here

share the enthusiasm (unedited in order to get the same ambience as the time created... 'with all its special effects')!!!!


noise makers fifes 'raw' (nmt 10 / absurd #15)

the mediaterra festival was an annual event organised by fournos (a legendary place in athens downtown that at least for a great part of the 90's various live sets - besides theatre / dance groups that used to use it for performances- were held there.
still memorable for me was ilios's 'agamemnon' project, of early 90's.. anyway... sometime in fall 90's they handled the mediaterra festival, can't recall how many events took place, i was always too sloppy to attend any (and regret 'bout that) but the 2001 event was held at the technological park of lavrio (a city around 55 km from athens's downtown). was a great chance not only to attend the event but also for a cool trip so with a couple of friends drove to attend mostly the nmf live set. which was a trully memorable one (still recall a couple of guys saying that 'they're neopagans' and a host of other crap during the set). the late geert feytons was the same enthusiast as i were to issue it. actually the cdr came out of a live recording they did from their camera. includes material also from another theatre work they were handling back at the time.
so here's the titles info

1. (0.00-1.50) inversage (final part)
2. (1.51 - end) glass vibes for faustus
3. (3/4) inversage (first part)



Τρίτη, 17 Μαρτίου 2009

gareth mitchell (aka philosopher's stone) 'august snow pieces' cdr (absurd #27)

upon listening to 'sections' lp on ers i like gareth's work... it was also my friend spacefreak who told me that he was involved in amp too and also suggested as great listening the first 2 philosopher's stone cds on kranky which were great ambient stuff so without hesitation contacted gareth for a cdr and here's the result! varies in forms but is a nice one!!!


murmer 'definition' cdr (absurd #25)

can't recall exactly how i came across patrick mcginley (aka murmer), i think he dropped a line including a cdr promo of the bake cdr or i got the cdr from bake, liked it and dropped a line... something like that... all i know is that in my pbx arrived sometime in 2002 2 lovely cdrs... 'eyes like fish' which was nice but not 100% my cup of tea back then and was released by the italian 's'agita' label (rip) and 'definition' which i like more and saw a release in 2003.
even today sounds stellar to my ears nearly as almost every murmer release that i come across, sounds to get sucked into, challenging enough compared to others. a name that always sets absurd's hq on fire each time a release pops up!

share the enthusiasm!


Πέμπτη, 5 Μαρτίου 2009

howard stelzer & frans de waard 'torn tongue' absurd #18

another beloved one... not only because deals with a source material i love (a.k.a. the human voice) but also comes from 2 of my most beloved friends from the network too...

initially crafted using the voice of dead friend... at least regarding the source material... slowly turned to a great 6 track 40 min recording which upon listening couldn't say no and issued. including it in the 'research center for the definition of happiness' series with an artwork by hara vidopoulou (hara of 'genital grinder' zine), the front cover of which i always wanted - but never found the time- to print on t-shirts as well... the main idea behind the project was to use the initial voice recordings. record the cdr and then keep it as an ongoing series using for each 'volume' the original one plus the previous volumes... well until today only 2 'volumes' have been out.. this one and a business card cdr one...

[the voice that was used as source material could be somehow heard on howie's 'witte' 3"cdr on jason talbot's kissy records.]

looking back now brings in mind great moments from a turbulent period of absurd's life (well absurd lives also another turbulent period but different than that one). a period that was documented with recordings like this one...

an impresive moment documented here....


playground #1 : amk

this is the 2nd 'playground' issue... the first was 'stavanger' by sindre bjerga & anders gjerde (soon to be uploaded). it's idea is to work like a fanzine but a kind of an 'audio fanzine' dealing with a specific theme and layout.

the amk one as the title says deals with one of editions_zero's all time faves... amk & his banned productions too.

the idea was dropped while doing an interview with him for a fanzine, in the meantime the 1st 'playground' issue was out and while thinking the possibility of an amk cdr too, came the idea of an issue glued on various 2nd hand LPs of my collection that were collecting dust in the basement as nobody was buying them (had done back then an effort to hand them in a 2nd hand store in athens downtown but got some and the rest he kindly rejected to buy. too bored also to feature a 'shit lp lot' on ebay so were 'recycled').

thymios of editions_zero burned the cdrs at his place in ioannina, using as a cdr label a modified label of an old 78inch record, maya lavda absurd's graphist worked on the layout, and the 30x30 circular cartons that were glued on each lp side including interview and almost banned detailed discography and i, glued at the editions_zero central in the city of amphissa the vinyls... came in a limited edition... pretty funny though still have plenty of the lp sleeves so if you have a spare lp to throw away feel free to drop an email here, download the cdr and make your own copy!

happy listening! (as soon as i track down in the archive the interview i'll upload it too!)