Σάββατο, 20 Νοεμβρίου 2010

emil beaulieau / jason lescaleet (absurd 33) 7"

one of my favest absurds & 2 of my all time faves!

initially due for release in 2004 to celebrate the 50 years of rock 'n' roll. hence the music is pure 'rock n roll' (or you can say so...) housed in artwork taken from 60's and early 1910's issues of the greek mag 'i diaplasi twn paidon' (the inlays are taken from early 1910's issues the front cover is taken from a late 60's one) being one of my earliest memories of my mother's mag / record collection (the other being a compilation LP including trax of black sabbath, demis roussos, aphrodite's child & also beatles, aphrodite's child 7"s) and the 7"s sleeve a replica of the rolling stones 'through the past darkly (big hits vol. 2)' octagonal cover LP being a record i bought while searching sometime when 13 or 14, record stores in (then my home town) the city of kallithea, athens and suddenly picked up this great rolling stones compilation housed in this 'mysterious'sleeve!!!

no matter that due various delays saw daylight in 2007 but it was worth the wait... and definitely one of maya lavda's best works for absurd (not that the rest are less important) needless to say about emil & jason for me are both sides as two of their outmost devastating moments as they were (& still are) like maniacs into it when i first dropped the idea sometime in 2003 or so...

emil beaulieau - rock 'n' roll (pts 1 & 2)

jason lescaleet - toys in the attic

rock 'n' roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

je t aime! (absurd #74) cdr

happened as usual, while exchanging packs w/ michel he droped a cdr of the recording, suggested whether i was interested in it or not and of course i couldn't say no.

so here's some great 'rock n roll'!

junko : voice
mattin : guitar
michel henritzi : lapsteel, harmonica

as recorded live at the densites fest in october 2008

je t aime!

Τετάρτη, 17 Νοεμβρίου 2010

bye bye butterfly (slight reprise)

here are the posters for the final absurd thing.

the dj set designed by thalia raftopoulou

& for the actual fest designed by mikes adamis (a.k.a. adam_is)

infos here

program here

sokrates martinis & ilektra papathanasopoulou (gr)

blood stereo (uk)

balinese beast (gr)
[ilan manouach : sax, electronics / george axiotis : electronics]

sudden infant (ch / berlin)

jerome noetinger (fr)

leif elggren (swe) & bill kouligas (gr / berlin)
[leif elggren as leif elggren & bill kouligas (electronics)]

(+ ends with 2 mystery guests on a farewell thing)

all the above @ spiti politismou – fex


an installation by
danai stefanou (gr) : prepared piano
dimitra lazaridou-chatzigoga (gr) : prepared zither

@ bar ‘alhimeion’

xanthi, greece


4.12.2010 – 20.00 hr
admission 10 euros


larry gus

performance at plateia antika (almost in front of the rock n rolla bar) not sure yet for the time be it 00.00 or later

dj set by

dj bwana

Staub und Kreide

starting @ 00.00 hr

Πέμπτη, 11 Νοεμβρίου 2010

al margolis & dan burke (absurd #76)

is thanks to yiorgis sakellariou (aka mecha / orga) that this release materialized.
serving the same bill with al margolis & dan burke on april 5, 2008 at le bonheur @ brussels (belgium) besides the great time they had he brought me upon return the raw version of it.
it was like a dream of a lifetime getting materialized. for long i dreamed of an if,bwana / illusion of safety release since the early harsh dept dates but was always delaying the proposal or had the idea shelved for sometime later, etc but that was a great chance and i grabbed it.

so no need to say more

le bonheur

varathron 'genesis of apocryphal desire' (demo 1991)

early 1991, varathron already have their first demo out since 89 but also have a different line up and fotis is to issue their debut 7" on his black vomit recs.

knowing already jim (aka mutilator ex bassist of rotting christ) & stephan (aka necroabyssious) as we were part of the local grind scene as at times we were playing together in offshoot bands but also having worked together for the 'genital necrosis' zine (genital grinder zine & rotting christ's meganecrosi zine collab) i asked them if i could issue the 2nd varathron demo they were to issue, also in a limited edition version on chrome tape. they didn't object however even this version didn't include the complete 'journey beyond' track which originally lasts for some 8 or 9 minutes. initially is a 'necrocannibalistic of necrocannibalismo' tapes release, supposed in 100 copies though less were spread.

you can get the demo here (sorry @192)

or check the later comp cd here

varathron info here

genital grinder #3 (early 1991 - fall 1992 the unpublished archives)

the funny thing with this baby is that took 17 whole years till finally published or better say uploaded.

sometimes i wonder how things would have been if we were that blinded back then and issued a xeroxed version of it rather than scratching our heads if we'll do it offset, etc etc etc.... long story to cut it short here and influenced by the publishing hype of that time. the funny thing though is that with the passing of time we have handed here and there more than 100 xeroxes of it...

some useful info.. is the first post-grind (allow me call it so) era and we have took a looooooong descend into the world of obscure musics, lots of listening, writing, reading, searching, crashing at each other's home for hours & hours for the usual coffee / tea... then alcohol blah blah and in the meantime listen, listen, discuss, tape on tapes, listen, listen, etc we were influenced from various factors but the basic philosophy that till today is kept was the way of expanding like an octopus in various genres & fields we liked known or unknown and the perception of the zine as the beehive / beequeen out of which we'll keep on exploring things.. the zine as a living organism or an entity that is slowly built and all of a sudden is thrown into the wild, etc. certainly appeals to someone the absurd philosophy or the noise-below one as well.

and our activities so far have proved so. as out of genital grinder have seen daylight projects such as absurd, perverse series, harsh dept, a question of re_entry, the 'a strange attractor'record store, editions_zero, etc.

great influences were projects like V2 archief and nearly all the people invoived in it back then, daniel plunkett's legendary ND zine, club moral's devastating 'force mental' zine, francoise duvivier's 'metro riquet' zine to name some but of the most important.

to the 'zine, overall included articles / interviews on / with :

- skin chamber
- chainsaw cassettes
- headbutt
- chemical plant
- sin org
- psychic rally
- de fabriek
- schimpfluch
- irre tapes
- black tape for a blue girl
- solanaceae tau
- to ktinos!
- peter frohmader
- alex schiavi
- die toedliche doris
- mental destruction
- spiral dawn bed
- jani christou
- somewhere in europe
- kapotte muziek / korm plastics
- fudge tunnel
- candiru
- lucius
- bowel vomit
- insult authority
- audiostench
- exculceration
- no authority
- n.a.s.
- satanic death
- sexorcist
- scaffold

shoot gg3 or on scribd here