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city of worms 'quester' (harsh 001 under licence from irre tapes)

here comes one of my favest u.s projects at least for the 1st half of the 90's (still does but back then was nuts with them!).

'supergroup' of i.o.s., jeph jerman, jim o' rourke, e.a.

discovered them thanks to the 'rhythm & passion' tape of neo rok zine. back then george priniotakis who run it had for distro the poison dwarfs tape on irre tapes. seeking for stuff to start my tape label wrote to matthias lang (irre tapes back then was one of the major european tape labels) for his catalogue. one of the first tapes i purchased was 'quester' and as i was haunted by it, dropped a line and asked if i could duplicate it and start my own tape label. or better say use it in order to slowly turn my tape label to more 'experimental / obscure musics' paths. matthias, who was a great help for lots of people back then, kindly allowed me to do so mid 92 a 1st edition of some 70 copies of a xeroxed cover of the tape and a piece of blue carton inside with a stamp of harsh dept harsh 001 came out. initially was supposed to be a sublabel of 'necrocannibalistic of necrocannibalismo' tapes so early copies bear the initials n.o.n. tapes harsh dept harsh 001.

a later edition of that year was a simple xerox of the irre cover and on the rear side handwritten the harsh dept harsh 001. can't recall how many tapes i traded (cuz actually that's why i started the tape label, luck of i.m.o.'s back then in greece, hard to get exchange, the only solutions were cash hidden in letters and releases to trade with...) but frankly was the baptism of fire that somehow helped to jump on the next release, etc etc etc etc...

play loud!!!!

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klimperei 'la tordeuse a bandes obliques' (eclipsis #01 / absurd #50)

'turning point' or at least this are the words that comes in mind each time i think, come across in the archive, etc of this moment / release... could use the 'every picture tells a story' too as is perhaps the only picture that evokes those feelings too from the 00's. november 2003 saw the birth of little maria-amaryllis, daughter of my pals thouli & mihalis, an event that back then sounded normal, i found a job so could spent more on releases, dissapointed from athens's local scene (w/ some exceptions) guess that the idea that dropped in march 2004 from mihalis was the chance for new options / ideas. simple as that, a special cd release to celebrate amaryllis's 1st birthday. whom to invite? klimperei! a band we both loved for their weird 'toy' sound (feel free to visit their site to get an idea of what i mean). without 2nd thoughts dropped a line to christophe petchanatz and this compilation cd including some of their most beautiful moments was set up as part of the 'research center for the definition of hapinness' series. issued officially on november the 10th 2004, handed to all those who were present at the 1st birthday party and the rest for distro. 2 covers or actually 1 but as we used that pink/white paper while printed half of the covers were printed w/ white-pink cover, half pink-white. an edition of 120 in an envelope was also made. 500 copies print run. a cd that was the beginning of more absurd travelogues, whose details or part of them will be slowly unfolded in future posts...

it's klimperei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kapotte muziek 'lauter' (absurd cdr #2)

kapotte muziek's lauter belongs to those recordings that trully helped harsh dept back in early 90's to gain its notoriousity. i'll write the harsh dept story of the tape, when the tape version is ready for upload (sometime sooner or later). forward in time now... fall 90's and as i still love 'lauter' and its sound and wanna have it available again and again, i ask frans whether he object for a cdr reissue of it. knowing frans for ages he couldn't resist of course but he suggested a reworked version of it and that's how it came out a bit reworked including as bonus an almost 25' min piece 're:laut' which was actually a piece constructed from sounds scambled from the tape. housed in a gorgeous -as always- artwork of jos moers aka mr. meeuw muzak! at last now i have the chance to have it available again (almost) to infinity!

grab it!!!!


Δευτέρα, 16 Φεβρουαρίου 2009

toy bizarre 'kdi dctb 116' absurd #13

i met cedric peyronnet & his toy bizarre project in mid 90's thanks to tbe memorable toy bizarre cd on pure.
got hooked on his tape releases (back then) and cd releases mesmerized by their beauty. so sometime in early 00's asked cedric for a cdr, his sounds for an installation were documented on it a release that became part of the research center for the definition of happiness series (the one with the circular covers). a series of absurd that probably stores in it some of my favest moments & memories...

let the sounds create a sonic garden in your place!

for further toy bizarre infos pls visit www.ingeos.org


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fish eye view 'the two fish hospitality' (necrocannibalistic of necrocannibalismo tapes 1990-91)

shit, i know the tape label's name sounds ridiculous... however early 90's sounded too cool!!!! took it from an article of the french death/grind zine 'u.s.d.' around an obscure grind band called 'necrocannibalistic of necrocannibalismo'. being back then a zine that could track down some of the most weirdest and rarest death/grind stuff thought it cool to use it for a tape label name... nearly 6 months earlier influenced from a canadian tape mail order of grind (mostly) stuff thought i could start my own distro / tape label... till early 90's the only thing i had 'officially' issued was of my solo noisecore unit's 1st demo tape sickness 'repulsive noise' nothing else... guess it was the grind/noise turmoil we were all in especially for the first few months of 89 before earache launched morbid angel's 1st lp and the death metal fashion outbreaked...
till then and at least for only a few months time using as a base nothing but a rehearsal studio and mostly 2 record stores as meeting points (various other coffee shops & bars were also in the list) chanced to live the greek grind scene at its peak before we all split and each of us followed his own road... back then it was asfyx, a greek thrash better say 'nuclear thrash' band influenced from voi vod (mostly). as side groups of this one were 'industry of crushed conceptions' (started as grindcore band including peris of asfyx, nektarios (of today's 'a strange attractor' record store fame), e.a. but they turned to more industrial then) and peris's 'fish eye view' side project... must admit that still feel extremely grateful to periklis tsoukalas (back then of asfyx, today of the greek folk group xainides) as accidentally he was the one who made me start officially a tape label... fish eye view was a side project he had back then... 89 saw a demo tape of his playing a bizarre lo-fi bedroom fidelity in a more experimental mood... early 90's his parents were to move thanks to their work in arabia and he didn't miss the chance and followed them. before departing we had a meeting in athens downtown where he asked me whether i'd like to release his 2nd demo tape. i took that chance and a few months after (a period during which we had exchanged a couple of letters) i received the master demo tape half recorded in greece, half in arabia and its artwork... without 2nd thoughts i xeroxed its handwritten / handmade cover, doubled tapes and had it out. not too many copies but it was the baptism of fire, first trades, etc etc etc... long story (and feelings too) to cut it short... a varathron tape followed but it didn't have the same feeling as this one... back then i liked it being 'experimental', it wasn't until a few years ago that did i realise that this little tape still belongs to my most beloved ones and without willing to exaggerate still consider it as one of the finest examples of the greek scene's late 80's/early 90's experimental scene... lo-fi bedroom fidelity at its weirdest and bloodiest best!!!!!!!!!

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onomatopoeia 'irrelevant' perverse series act 7

onomatopoeia was the project of steve fricker, known in the 90's for his memorable 'cheeses international' mail order & label. came across him either via stefan schwab's c/o newsletter or thanks to the con-dom 'the eigth pillar' LP on sfcr as steve had printed and distributed the LP's booklet. his first recording attempts i can't say that were my cup of tea... slowly he started evolving a far more better sound so sometime in mid 90's i asked him for a tape. 'irrelevant' was the result and besides a killer tape release was destined to be perverse series's final release. still today i see it as a vital turning point at least regarding the period between perverse & absurd...

it was limited to 70. steve provided 70 different flags that were glued on the tape's sleeve.

play it as loud as possible!!!


mental anguish 'mourning rendezvous' harsh 003 (harsh dept 1992)

i came across the mastermind of chris phinney & his legendary 'harsh reality music' & mental anguish project thanks to neo rok zine and a stellar compilation that was issued by its editor george priniotakis in early 90's. in it was included a hands to piece, taken from the hands to / mental anguish split LP on harsh reality. i recall dropping a line and asking for a trade... still can't recall if i send hidden $ or a trade to get my copy. however the result is that i lost my mind when i received chris's pack not only because of the lp but also thanks to the stellar releases catalogue!!! pure brainstorming... the thing you wanted to rob a bank and buy all!!!! as i was in the early steps of harsh dept i asked him for a possible mental anguish best of as he had tons of tape releases and here is the result... it was supposed to be harsh 003, to come in 1992 limited to 80 copies on a cro2 tape... never came up w/ a proper cover for it (i still see the one i had made and find it too bullshit). i doubt if were ever made 3 or 5 copies of it. remained shelved with the wish of a release sometime later. never occured. a cdr idea was in mind for sometime in early/mid 00's the same shit too... so at last exactly after 17 years (feb 92 got the master) here it's proper release... (re)issue or call it whatever! with a cover artwork from my sweet lalia!

play it loud!!!!

side a


side b (& infos, art)


deison 'random screams' (tape 3 - perverse series)

i came across deison thanks to gianfranco santoro (a great pal in the early / mid 90's. guy around sin org, lsd org, mangled and many other activities).
he had issued a couple of tapes back then and as i was hooked on his sounds i wrote and asked for this release.
'random screams' belongs to some of my most beloved tape releases. and for me stands as one of the greatest deison stuff too!!!! initially out in a plastic bag. c40 tape in it and infos were xeroxed on transparent paper tape's size and glued on a broken cd.

couldn't track down in the archive a proper copy so here it is... improvise and create yours!

play loud & enjoy!!!


mnortham 'from within the solar cave' CD (absurd #10)

mnortham has been a great fave for a long long time. throughout the 90's either through contributions to my ever beloved & influential ND zine. his work with orogenetics, the texas scene of that time (jgrnich, erg, e.a.), his collaborations or solo work.
on the other hand i had promised myself since perverse series's failure that i'll never produce a proper cd again in my life... turned as homer quotes that 'lions and men cannot take oaths' (excuse the greeklish translation of this iliad quote) and when we discussed for a release in early 00's proposed 'from within the solar cave'... couldn't resist the temptation not only because of mnortham but also for the participation of both jgrznich and another all time fave co caspar (whose 'chants of change' has always been a great fave plus other material too).. so that's a little bit of how it occured... 500 copies. turned to be the 'outbreak of evil' as back then couldn't imagine the maelstrom of releases that was bound to come...



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absurd #35 - nikos veliotis & nicolas malevitsis "murder melody"

october 2003 saw a super 2:13 mini fest. as summer lazyness was coming to an end the idea of a mini fest was dropped. it was also an occasion of 2:13's 4th anniversary so a trully stellar night was set up. probably one of my favest nights in smt, as far as i'm concerned regarding both the pals we played together, the audience and the whole atmosphere.

one of the night's sets was a duo with nikos veliotis (cello) and me (mr. absurd) on turntables. a reductionist influence in the sound? you can say so... still a fave moment...

at least regarding smt's vs. absurd relations since that time till now i still call it 'a calm before the storm'...

trivia... title was picked from the doc savage 'murder melody' novel. that time i was downloading various 30's pulp from blackmask.com (i think it has ceased to exist) and doc savage stories were some of them. saw myself getting them all on a cdr and asked nikos to pick up a title from the list of all novels included in the cdr so here it is...

happy listening... (don't worry you won't die from the melody as happens in the doc savage novel...)



mp3 (@320 as usual)


absurd #14 - die feine trinkers bei pinkels daheim 'hungerhaken’s speckrolle'

the 2nd feine trinkers release for absurd was a solid track (though while you listen to it you feel like it could have been split to pieces) in an almost different nature to 'papagoyenboom'. insanity still is around but in a different mood.

it also turned to be absurd's 1st 'found cover' release. the cdr was packed in a newspaper and had this photo used on the cover. without 2nd thoughts and as i liked it picked it and used it.

regarding artwork... a kinda 'fake leather' on 1 side paper was used. however as it had to be turned too while being printed nearly half of the copies has the print on the backside and the rest the kinda bookleather cardboard one...